Tafila the Great Arab Revolt Incubator

Tafila the Great Arab Revolt Incubator


  Great Arab Revolt sources say that Tafila Battle, which took place on 25th January 1918, was one of the most important battles where the Arab Revolt forces achieved a great victory. It is worth mentioning that this battle is the third most important battle after the battles to capture Aqaba in July 1918 and Horan battles  taking place around  the city of Diraa in the same year. In this battle, Sharif Hussein Bin Ali himself was following the course and progression of military operations .

After the revelation of the colonial intentions towards the division of the unified Syrian state, national movements started to support the political leadership, holding conferences and meetings. This is exemplified in Tafila conference, which was held on 29th December 1919, and in its conclusion conferees sent cables to the British and French governments, as in the case of the following cablegram: "We are the leaders of  tribes in the province of Tafila and under our leadership there are five thousand fighters who practiced war and are well-known in HAD Adagig (the name of the place where Tafila Battle occurred)  War in order to gain independence. We condemn and reject with all the power that we have  what has been widely spread on  the temporary agreement to divide Greater Syria , and our allies are requested  to fulfil their promises; otherwise, we will make sacrifices for the unity of  Syria and its independence. "


Hundreds of  men and women were martyred in these battles. Some names  were  documented  in the sources of the Great Arab Revolt. After the return of Turks in cooperation with Germans  to recapture Tafila, women and children were  deported to the Jordan Valley to protect them from revenge. Nevertheless,  Turks and German were again defeated  after the people of Tafila enabled  to kill the campaign commander Admiral Hamid Fakhri and eliminate  the remnants of the Turks on 25th January 1918.


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