Mathematics Department

Mathematics Department

The Department of Mathematics and Computer Science was established in the second semester of the academic year 2005/2006. At the beginning of the first semester of 2014/2015, both academic disciplines, mathematics and computer science, were separated into two different departments. The Department of Mathematics offers a B.Sc. degree program on mathematics. Currently, the department has 11 PhD faculty members, seven of them were sponsored from Tafila Technical University to get their PhD from the United States of America and two more holding master degrees in mathematics from national universities. In addition, two candidates are pursuing their Ph.D. degrees in USA to join our work team as faculty members in the future.  Providing students with the basic concepts and the needed skills in both pure and applied mathematics is the philosophy of our department. Finally, the departmental message to the community is to communicate directly and freely to interchange the ideas and opinions.


       At Tafila 66110 Jordan

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