Achievements of Sections

Achievements of Sections


  • Section of the Networks

    1- Developing  the wireless network at the university which covers all university’s facilities and provides wireless communication for workers and students.

    2- Upgrading the wireless network by using focal points of (153) link.

    3- Completing the Electronic Surveillance System project (CCTV) with a total of 127 high-quality cameras in addition to (3) PTZ cameras which have super quality and accuracy.

    . Updating wireless network by using a supporter device (Clear-Pass) No.(2) -4

     Updating wireless network by using a main controller (WLC) No.(2). - 5

    6- Upgrading Wireless network by using a wireless network device management and monitoring (Air-wave).

    7- Preparing infrastructure for electronic surveillance center which is equipped with high-speed servers, saving data devices,  power-saving devices, and displays.

    8- Following-up the effectiveness of the external network and its sustainability with the Jordanian universities Network Inc. (JUNET).

    9- Constantly observing the components of the main network that are distributed in the university's buildings  in order to avoid technical problems.

     10- Preparing  specifications for the integrated project "wired network modernization" within the university.

    11- Updating the wired network by using the dispensers of the main network (Core Switch) (2) with a high-efficiency at a speed  up to 2.56 TB.

    12- Updating the wired network  of  servers by installing dispensers of the main network (TOR Switch) No. (2) which has  a high-efficiency speed of 80 GB.

    13- Replacing  the device of  initial protection (PIX Firewall) with a new device  (Fortigate 1500D), which performs a set of tasks, i.e: security (anti-spam, anti-virus, web-filtering, IPS, VPN).

    14- Monitoring  the performance of wired and wireless networks through the secondary protection device (Mcafee-Web-Gateway).

    15- Preparing the necessary infrastructure for the wired network in the building of the TTU radio to provide the service of online broadcasting on the university’s website.

    16- Preparing network infrastructure to monitor fingerprint devices that are distributed throughout the campus.

    19- Furnishing Potash Theater within the university with  wired and wireless internet network, preparing infrastructure and establishing a local network at the nursery school of the  university..

     20- Establishing wired and wireless computer networks in the laboratories of the colleges of engineering and science to ensure the safety and security of computerized examinations.

    21- Creating an isolated wireless network  in the presidency meeting room in the university campus.

    22- Preparing criteria for a number of Central Technical Tenders to provide the Department of  Central Tenders with.

    . 23- Preparing criteria for  computer offices

    24- Using a suitable network  to run academic proficiency tests for the students who are expected to graduate.

    25- Conducting specialized training courses for the university students.

    26- Participating in specialized workshops on computer networks at the level of Jordanian universities through cross-linked Jordanian universities Inc. (JUNET) because of their importance for keeping pace with the evolution of the technology sector at the level of networking.

    27- Establishing  Training and Creativity Laboratory (Training & Innovation Lab), and fully supervising it by giving courses and lectures.

    28- Devoting computer laboratories, computer network and maintenance expertise for the  service of the local community.

    29- Conducting a study about the needs of the new building of the  Computer and Information Technology Center.

  • Section of Analysis, Programming, and Web Development

    First: Creating a Set of New Systems

    - The advanced system of computerized examinations, the second edition.

    -  The archive system of bureaus.

    - The computerized follow-up system of work and vacations.

    - Library periodicals and cataloguing system

    - Clinic System

     - Medical laboratories system.

    - Warehouses and supplies system - the first edition

     - Provident fund system.

    -  Bank Cheque issuance system and pending cheque follow up system

    - Medical insurance system

    - On campus accommodation system.

    -Direct connection system with the Ministry of Higher Education for the issuance of statistical reports.

    - System of obligatory military service for male students

    - Electronic questionnaire system

                 - Online broadcasting system of the university radio

                . -Phone Directory system

    Second:  Developing  the Following Systems:

    - Student Affairs System

    -Acceptance and Registration System (through):

    1. The addition of many new reports to the system in order to help registrars perform their work more quickly and accurately.
    2. The services provided by the admission and registration system have been updated to comply with amended regulations and instructions.

    - Developing the website of the university and adding many sub-electronic sites to it such as the website of  Jordan Journal of Electrical Engineering (JJEE).

    - Developing revenues and funds system by adding  many reports to it.

    Third: Maintaining direct connection between various systems

     -  Connection with the Active Directory

    - Connection with e-learning systems  

    - Connection with library systems which  are based on Horizon.

     Fourth: Preparing infrastructure to replace old servers and databases

    - Identifying  the licenses that are necessary for the new servers.

    -Studying  the features of new servers, and identifying the basic requirements servers should meet.

    - Updating oracle databases from10g to 11g oracle.

    - Examining and running new servers for several time to make sure that they are safe and secure.

    - Examining backups to make sure they are free of defects.

  • Section of Servers and Computer Management

     - Installing and running (Backup to disk) system.

    -Updating and developing the backup system by using (Storewize V7000) device.

      .-Updating the backup system  to be (7.7)

    -Updating servers of databases and developing them  through the supply of (POWER8) servers.

    -Renewing of security certificates systems to protect the software which the Computer Center provides for 2016/2017

     - Ensuring operational safety and readiness of all servers in the Computer Center for the year 2015.

    .- Ensuring data security on servers and protecting them  for the year 2015

    -Managing, operating, maintaining and ensuring the security of the backup system for the year 2015.

    -Managing, operating, maintaining and ensuring the security of electronic storage system for the year 2015.

    -Replacing, operating and ensuring the readiness of the new central storage unit.

    -Running anti-virus software system on all of computers and servers to ensure the security of work environment.

    -Applying  the policy of the safe entry during the periods of computerized examinations.

    -Setting high quality standards and specifications to buy server or replace backup devices.

    -Reforming  the data of a large number of university servers, which have been exposed to technical failures.

    -Establishing the new e-learning system and  connecting it with the university’s other electronic systems.

    -Updating the operating system of the website of the university, and creating an equivalent  operating system for emergency situations.

    -Installing and operating a number of new computer servers.


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