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Scientific Research and Graduate Studies

Scientific Research and Graduate Studies

The Deanship of Academic Research and Graduate Studies began its rule at Tafila Technical University (TTU) since its establishment in 2005. The deanship efforts focus on implementing TTU policy in the fields of scientific research. In addition, the deanship manages TTU’s graduate scholarships recipients at different national and international universities.

In order to simplify working procedures, the deanship has started to activate the models  adopted to support the scientific production of academic staff,  which facilitates the procedures to receive the required financial and non-financial support for researchers and those who are interested. The deanship participates in both the Deans Council and Scientific Research Council at TTU through the dean. In addition, the deanship actively participates in the Higher Committee for Scientific Research. It also cooperates with the Conference Coordination and Supervision Committee at Jordanian Universities in order to document the conferences and seminars that are held at TTU.

  • Deanship of Academic Research and Graduate Studies Strategic Plan and Tasks

    The strategic plan of the Deanship of Academic Research and Graduate Studies can be summarised by the implementation of the University's vision about scientific research and postgraduate studies through the main divisions of the deanship.

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