VP. for Academic Affairs

VP. for Academic Affairs


  • VP. for Academic Affairs

    The following colleges are attached to the VP.:

    • College of Engineering.
    • College of Science.
    • College of Arts.
    • College of Business.
    • College of Educational Sciences.
    • The Intermediate Technical College.

    The VP. is entrusted with the following tasks:

    1. Financial and administrative affairs of the faculty members which include: teaching load, attendance, promotion, vacations, scholarships and overtime.
    2. Hiring new faculty members and providing financial support for outstanding students to pursue their postgraduate studies in accordance with the university’s effective laws and regulations.
    3. Supervising the procedures of scheduling, adding or closing classes in accordance with the interests of both students and the university.
    4. Organizing examinations, following up the entering of grades and tackling students’ problems that are related to exams or grades in accordance with the effective laws and regulations.
    5. Following up the accreditation of academic programs and quality assurance standards to raise the university’s national and international rank.
    6. Organizing scientific conferences
    7. Opening postgraduate programs and developing the quality of the existing ones.
    8. Any other task the university president assigns to him.

  • Mission, Vision, and Values

    The Office of Academic Affairs supports, enhances, end promotes the mission of Tafila Technical University by fostering academic excellence and providing overall leadership for all academic programs of the University. The Office advocates for, supports, and sustains excellence in teaching and learning, scholarship, research, and creative activity, and community engagement and public service. The Office is committed to creating an environment conducive to academic excellence and responsible citizenship.

    The Office of Academic Affairs works to advance an academic environment in which quality, innovation, rigor/challenge, and active student learning and engagement are paramount. In accord with TTU mission, the Office will be known for enhancing educational processes; promoting excellence in teaching, scholarship, and service; and fostering a spirit of inquiry and independence of mind in the pursuit of knowledge, all in service of the common good. The Office strives to promote a University culture that supports faculty, academic staff, and administrators at all career stages through a responsive and innovative professional development program.

  • The Office of Academic Affairs

    • Is committed to a broad academic foundation in engineering, sciences, business, the arts, social, and educational sciences, communication, and quantitative reasoning.
    • Promotes high- quality, challenging and responsive academic programs.
    • Values student-centered learning and teaching focused on student engagement and success.
    • Protects freedom of inquiry and independence of mind in pursuit of knowledge.
    • Values professional development to enhance the quality of teaching and learning, scholarship, and outreach.
    • Encourages interdisciplinary and international scholarship.
    • Recognizes and supports the importance of lifelong learning.
    • Supports collaboration/partnerships both within and external to TTU.
    • Initiates, develops, and supports graduate studies.
    • Demonstrates integrity, transparency, and stewardship of resources.
    • Reinforces an environment of continuous improvement and quality assurance through assessment of processes, and outcomes.
    • Recognizes and rewards academic accomplishments and leadership.
    • Advocates for students, faculty, and academic programs.

       At Tafila 66110 Jordan

  • landline: 0096232250326
  • Fax :0096232250002
  • DCO: 0096265525326
  • presidency@ttu.edu.jo

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