VP. for Administrative and Financial Affairs

VP. for Administrative and Financial Affairs


  • VP. for Administrative and Financial Affairs

    The following directorates are attached to his office:

    • Directorate of the Presidency
    • Directorate of Human Resources
    • Directorate of Finance
    • Directorate of Supplies
    • Directorate of Central Tenders
    • Directorate of Public Relations
    • Directorate of Engineering
    • Directorate of Maintenance
    • Directorate of Services
    • Directorate of Internal Audit
    • Directorate of the Library
    • Directorate of the Admission and Registration
    • Directorate of the Clinic
    • Directorate of Quality and Development Assurance

    The vice president for administrative and financial affairs is charged with:

    • Financial and administrative affairs of the staff in the former directorates as well as in the colleges, deanships and Centers . These affairs include: duties, attendance, promotion, vacations, overtime and disciplinary procedures in accordance with the university’s effective laws and regulations.
    • Hiring new employees to meet the university’s needs.
    • Taking the necessary measures and actions to create a university atmosphere that supports learning, scientific research and community service.
    • Any other task the university president entrusts to him.


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  • presidency@ttu.edu.jo

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