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Tafilah- Hala Al-Shehahdeh - 3/1/2018

     The Department of Accounting at Tafila Technical University has been ranked first in the 2017 university proficiency exam among the Jordanian universities. The teaching process, it should be added, is conducted via English language and according to the latest internationally approved scientific procedures.

     The Dean of the Faculty of Business at the University, Dr. Fawzi Al-Sawalqa, expressed that such achievement was accomplished as a result of the continuous support provided by the University administration for students and faculty members, as well. This effort has come due to the constant efforts in updating the proper course study plans linking them to the international accounting standards and keeping up with the latest  curricular developments. This would enable the students of the department of accounting to develop their skills through many courses and free training programs.

     Al-Sawalqa further added that the College's administration, in cooperation with its faculty members, seeks to maintain this achievement and disseminate it to the other departments on campus. He eventually hoped to achieve much more development and progress in the fields of accounting and business management.



Tafilah- Hala Al-Shehahdeh - 3/1/2018

     The President of Tafila Technical University, Prof. Dr. Shteiwi Al-Abbadi, inaugurated the Applied Biological Sciences Laboratory, College of Sciences, in the presence of the Vice President for Academic Affairs Prof. Dr. Abdullah Al-Jarrah, the Vice President for Administrative and Financial Affairs Dr. Mohammad Al-Mahasneh, the Dean of the Faculty of Sciences, Prof. Dr. Khalid Al-Widian, and the deans of faculties and the directors of centers and units at the university.

     According to Dr. Amani Al-Daoud, the Head of the Applied Biological Sciences department, these teaching laboratories are equipped with the most recent laboratory equipment, which serve the general Biological Sciences and Chemistry, where experiments of biochemistry, microbiology, genetics, botany and zoology are conducted.

     Dr. Al-Daoud added that the Department of Applied Biological Sciences, through these laboratories, will form the nucleus for scientific and medical colleges that may be developed later.


     The Arabic Language Academy honored the students of Iqraa Club from Tafila Technical University for their Cultural Café Initiative, which they presented among 14 Arabic linguistic initiatives concerned with Arabic language at a contest organized by the Arabic Language Complex.

     According to Ms. Maha al-Ghababsheh, head of the Students' Clubs Division at the university, one of the main goals of the club is to prepare students intellectually by encouraging reading, targeting the reader category and expanding the category to involve non-readers.

     The club president Ahmed Al-Wawi said that the Cultural Cafe Initiative is a weekly cultural session that is held for a period of 3 hours through which opinions are exchanged and  knowledge is transferred in any topic of a language template in a proper linguistic frame with one of the university professors, a specialist in the topics concerned.

     Al-Wawi and his colleagues Mahmoud Aladdin and Mohammed Shelbaya gave the trophy of the Arabic Language complex for the acting president of TTY Prof. Dr. Abdullah Al-Jarrah, who stressed the need to exploit extracurricular activities to enhance the students' abilities and to develop their skills to improve their personalities, enrich their intellectual heritage and  protect them from extremism and misguidance.





Tafila - Hala Alshahadah - 26/12/2017

More than (337) administrative and academic staff from different units and departments at Tafila Technical University, on Wednesday 13/12/2017, went to the polling stations allocated by the University for the election of the administrative staff of the university Employees' club, which the university recently established to create a sense of team spirit and democracy and address issues related to university staff.

The University President Prof. Dr. Shteiwi Al-Abbadi stressed that the university administration will provide continuous support to the club and its activities in order to achieve its expected goals.

At its first session, which was held under the chairmanship of Mr. Odeh Al-Sawalqah, the administrative positions were distributed as follows:

Mr. Nizar Shraideh as Vice-Chairman

Mrs. Hind Al-Muhaisen is the Secretary of the Club's

Mr. Mohamed El-Badour as treasurer

The club's logo and advertisers are beginning to work hard to achieve the goals with all honesty and responsibility.



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