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Tafila-Hala Al-Shahahdeh-18/3/2018

     The College of Arts at Tafila Technical University is set to organize the 2nd International Scientific Refereed Conference on "Modern Literary Studies in the Miracles of the Quran and its Statement" on April 3rd. A group of researchers from all Arab countries in addition to Jordan will participate in the conference under the patronage of the President of the University, Prof. Dr. Mohamed Khair Hourani.

The Dean of the College of Arts, Dr. Hussein Al-Zaidanian stated that the conference, which will be held over three days, will deliberate a number of topics such as the art of dialogue and literature, the portrayal of women, building characters, place and its symbolic significance in Qur'anic stories, as well as the understanding of Qur'anic stories in explanatory books of Qur'an. There will also be sessions discussing fruitful research papers.

     On the sidelines of the conference will be some extracurricular activities along with cultural and literary seminars.


Tafilah - Hala Al-Shahahdeh - 15/3/2017

     The President of Tafila Technical University, Prof. Dr. Mohammed Khair Al-Hourani, stressed the University's eagerness to support faculty members and improve their abilities in order to develop the educational process. The meeting was attended by the Vice President for Academic Affairs, Prof. Dr. Abdullah Al-Jarrah.

     Dr. Al-Hourani pointed out that the University administration is keen on opening channels of communication with its academic staff by adopting creative initiatives, stressing the importance of team work to enforce the university's strategic plan which aims to improve the output of education and to go along with the latest developments in all academic disciplines. Dr Al-Hourani also stressed the importance of scientific research and scientific conferences.

     Dr. Al-Hourani also pointed out the great role played by faculty member in maintaining the distinguished scientific reputation of the university and preparing a generation that is qualified with the latest science and knowledge which makes it able to take responsibility and continue the process of giving and building.

     The participants appreciated the obvious interest of the University President in their own matters, aspirations and challenges that will be overcome by focusing on being positive and ambitious under the laws and regulations of the university.

     An extensive dialogue was held at the end of the meeting, during which Dr. Al-Hourani answered the questions and inquiries of the audience.



Tafilah - Hala Alshahahdeh - 13/3/2018

     Tafila Technical University celebrated King Abdullah’s birthday and the memory of His Majesty’s taking over the constitutional powers as well as celebrating the national holidays. The ceremony was organized by the Department of Public Relations at the University in cooperation with the Directorate of Culture at Tafilah, celebrating the most precious and  honorable leader, His Majesty King Abdullah II.

     The ceremony, which was attended by the Commander of the Southern Military Region, the Southern Region Security Commander, the Deputy Commander of the Southern Region Gendarmerie, the Governor of Tafilah, and a gathering of dignitaries, official and public figures, faculty members and students, included several cultural, artistic and rhetorical sketches.

     In a speech, the University President Prof. Dr. Mohammed Khair Al-Hourani said that Tafila Technical University is a inspiration of science and a center of cultural glow instilling in its students the love of the homeland and the belonging to its pure soil and the Hashemite leadership.

      Dr. Al-Hourani also added that it is our right to convert the visions of His Majesty, the King, into hard work and ambitious plans that raise our educational institutions for the better, being the best to carry the values ​​of loyalty, belonging and giving. 

     For his part, the Director of Culture in Tafila, Dr. Salem Al-Faqir, delivered a speech in which he said that this country has the right to take pride in its many blessings of love  and harmony under the banner of the Hashemite triumphant, in a time where bloodshed is more spread than the smell of roses, noting that the national partnerships between the spectra of the one body is a sign of culture, civilization and leadership.


     The poet Dr. Abdullah Al-Qarar'a expressed the Jordanian pride in His Majesty King Abdullah II, the brave Arab army and the Karamah Day.

     During the ceremony held at the Potash hall at the University, ''Tafila Mountains'' team presented an artistic skecth, including folk dances and national anthems. The Qanadil Culture and Arts Association also participated in a special section that impressed the audience.



Tafilah- Hala AL-Shahahdeh – 26/2/2018

      The President of Tafila Technical University Prof. Dr. Mohammed Khair Al-Hourani and the University family, represented by the academic and administrative bodies and students, expressed their sincere gratitude and  congratulations for his excellency Mr. Jamal Al-Sarayra on the for being appointed a deputy Prime Minister and Minister of State for Cabinet Affairs and also  for his excellency Dr. Adel Al-Tuwaisi for the renewal of  the royal decree  by appointing him as Minister of Higher Education. The University family also congratulates his Excellency Dr. Abdul Nasser Abu Al-Basal who was appointed as Minister of Awqaf ,  Islamic Affairs and Holy Sites. The University body have also congratulated all ministers who gained the trust of the Royal Decree, asking the Almighty to help them perform their duties, take responsibility and serve the nation under the banner of the Hashemite triumphant.


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