An innovative and creative university, developing an environment of creativity and innovation in which effective and high-quality services are available  to be used by all stakeholders and reflect on sustainable economic development.


Achieving a society based on creativity and innovation under the slogan “a sustainable national economy” by consolidating the areas of Entreprenureshipp  and creativity and transforming them into real job opportunities.

Objective and Rationale

Creating a comprehensive, integrative framework for a competitive, innovative, entrepreneurial environment that aims to supplement the business environment and exploit economic opportunities to enhance economic participation in line with market requirements.


Upgrading the creative business environment and reaching the best international practices by organizing and improving areas of Innovation, creativity and controlling inputs and outputs.

Main objective

The main objective is its Partnership and cooperation with the local community in various fields to achieve sustainable development and focus on Entrepreneurship, Innovation and support and reflect it on the local, national and international reality.


  1. Access to a creative innovative university
  2. Adopting ideas within the university and the local community, nurturing them and applying them on the ground
  3. Reaching a generation capable of creating investment opportunities
  1. Rooting the idea of innovation, creativity and entrepreneurship among students, university staff and the local community
  2. Reaching radical solutions to eliminate obstacles to leadership and innovation through business incubators and accelerators.