The time has come for the completion of the completion of the generation of information, and accordingly, and its establishment came, the completion of the total completion of the development of the communications technology sector in Jordan and the region. It relies in its academic programs on keeping up with the latest developments in the field of information and communication technology by adhering to accreditation and quality standards in teaching, creating and adjusting education numbers in addition to progress in improvement and development. The beginning to achieve its goals keeps pace with the latest developments in the world of information technology. The College of Information and Communication Technology includes the following academic departments:

    1. Information technology

    2. Department of Computer Science

    The College awards the following degrees:

    1. Bachelor’s degree in Computer Information Systems

    2. Bachelor’s degree in smart device computing

    3. Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science

    Contact Information’s

    Phone: 00962-32250326 -2048

    Faculty Email :

    Dean Email:

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